Application of the latest technologies

We use the latest audio technologies in our products:

Class D amplifiers

 superior sound quality with extremely low THD+N (less then 0,001%) and IMD (less then-100dB) distorsions

 load-invariant frequency response and negligible output impedance

 high efficiency over 92% and low energy losses

 small dimensions

Selectable power on/off options:

 signal sensitive auto turn on

 trigger 12V

 switch on/off

Adjustable input sensitivity

 selectable maximum input RMS voltages for maximum amplifier output power: 2V, 3V, 4V, 4.2V, 4.5V, 4.8V, 5V, 5.2V, 6V, 7.8V

Streamer as a source of music

We do not think that LPs and CDs are a better quality source of music than streaming. On the contrary,
streaming is substantially more practical, more accessible and with incomparably greater content than CDs and LPs.

What we have on our streaming devices:

 services Tidal Deezer, Spotify, Qobuz, iHeartRadio, Tuneln, Napster and others make it possible to have 10 millions of songs at your fingertips at any time via your smartphone

 high music resolution 24bit, 192kHz

 Airplay 2

 Multiroom and multizone streaming

 Google Assistant

Affordable prices due to modest margins

Our prices do not contain extremely high margins, as is the norm in High-end Audio. Thanks to our low margins, we offer very competitive and favorable retail prices.
This way, we make high-end products affordable to a wider range of customers. No longer are audio high-end products available exclusively to buyers who can pay large amounts of money for them.


Scientific approach to sound

Although hearing tests are still the most important tool for testing our devices, outstanding measurement results are our foundation and precondition for hearing tests.
Our devices must meet a series of rigorous tests on the most precise devices such as Audio Precision and similar.


Configurable and customizable products

Our devices can be configured according to the customer's wishes. We can accomodate our clients’ wishes with respec to:

 number of channels of our amplifiers

 power per channel

 adjustablle input sensitivity or fixed input sensitivity

 input sensitive auto power turn on/off, trigger turn on/off or manual power turn on/off

Contemporary design and practical size


When designing the product, we are guided by the desire to turn it into a piece of art.  

In addition to outstanding sound characteristics, we also strive for a pleasant and unforgettable visual experience.

When designing the device, apart from its appearance, we also focus on its practical dimensions and weight.

In this way, we ensure the easy mobility of the device as well as its easy fitting into various types of spaces.